I am product designer with strong UI, UX, Communication and Leadership skills. I am a highly focused, enthusiastic team player with empathy, deep understanding, and loyalty to both my colleagues and clients, but also to the company and its brand that it represents.

I started my career more than eight years ago as a freelance designer. With a strong effort and ambition, I successfully worked on projects for companies such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, Czech Post, FCA Group,  etc.

Apart from my freelance work, in 2009 I joined a company of 5 people called Blueberry. Since then I have helped them to build and establish a strong design-driven company with more than 100 employees and global projects across industries.

In January 2017, Blueberry won a contract for the company Neoris, that is currently working on Global Digital Transformation project with general support from IBM iX. Since then I'm the design lead for major application product.


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